A Very Sordid Wedding Blu-Ray REMUX (2017)

A Very Sordid Wedding Blu-Ray REMUX
BDRemux 1080P
Year: 2017
Сountry: USA
Genre: Comedy
Language: English
Cast: Bonnie Bedelia, Leslie Jordan, Whoopi Goldberg, Dale Dickey, Blake McIver Ewing, Aleks Paunovic, Caroline Rhea, Katherine Bailess, Alec Mapa, Carole Cook, Lorna Scott, Kirk Geiger, Michael MacRae, Emerson Collins, David Steen...

Tired of the religious zealotry and anti-gay bigotry in their Texas town, sisters Latrell, LaVonda, and Aunt Sissy decide to protest an "Anti-Equality Rally" which aims to forbid any same ...

Tired of the religious zealotry and anti-gay bigotry in their Texas town, sisters Latrell, LaVonda, and Aunt Sissy decide to protest an "Anti-Equality Rally" which aims to forbid any same sex weddings in their county. The colorful characters from the previous "Sordid Lives" decide a wedding is exactly what this small-minded town needs.

There's a backstory, but the movie works well even if you don't know it
Author: Red-125 from Upstate New York 10/10
A Very Sordid Wedding (2017) was written and directed by Del Shores. In 2000, Shores directed Sordid Lives, and, after that, there was a Sordid Lives series on LOGO. (Everyone in the theater apparently knew all about LOGO, but I had to look it up.)

Before we saw the movie, we read the publicity that told us that there was a backstory to this new movie. However, for us the movie was hilarious, so you can enjoy it without knowing the backstory.

The film is set in Winters, Texas. It's a great example of a conservative, Bible-oriented small town. However, there are some dissenting people among the crowd.

One of them is Latrelle Williamson, played perfectly by Bonnie Bedelia. The other cast members are also very good actors, including Leslie Jordan as Earl 'Brother Boy' Ingram, and Emerson Collins as Billy Joe Dobson.

Whoopi Goldberg has an important cameo role as Rev. Abernatha Coleman.

This is the type of movie that's hard to describe. Something funny happens, and then something funnier happens, and then all hell breaks loose. It will work on the small screen, but it would be better in a theater. This isn't because of the larger image. It's because once an audience starts to laugh during a movie like this, the laughter builds on itself, and everything appears even funnier. (In fact, if you see the movie on the small screen, invite some friends over to watch it with you.)

Del Shores and Emerson Collins attended the screening and participated in a Q&A session afterwards. I didn't have a question, but I had a comment: "My compliments on portraying a serial killer in such a way that you felt sympathy, rather than anger, towards him." That couldn't have been easy.

We saw this film at Rochester's excellent Little Theatre, as part of Image Out, the great Rochester LGBT Film Festival. This is a wonderful movie, and worth seeking out.

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