Wrath of Silence (2017) CHINESE 1080p REMUX

Wrath of Silence (2017) CHINESE 1080p REMUX
BDRemux 1080P
Сountry: China
Genre: Drama
Language: Mandarin
Cast: Wu Jiang, Yang Song, Wenkang Yuan, Zhuo Tan.
In 21 Century, a small town in Northern China. There are rich mineral resources in endless mountains. The owners make great fortune and step into the higher class. They change everything with money, but bring disasters to mountain farmers. They are unconscious of darks and dangers until a shepherd boy disappears one day...

User Reviews
For the last couple of months, I have been thrilled and admire how powerful the silence (usage of less dialogues) and sounds can be in today's films. They say that - Actions Speak Louder Than Words. For example, "the Tribe" Ukrainian powerful drama about deaf teenagers, or "All is Lost" intense 105minutes by Robert Redford who tries to stay alive. Or even recent hit "a quiet place" where a family forced to communicate through sign language in order to survive. In all these films audience could feel the dialogues by beautiful performances by main characters. The Chinese "Wrath of Silence" had similar effect on me.

To be honest I was surprisingly interested in the Chinese "Wrath of Silence", for me watching foreign films sometimes can be challenging, following the film and subtitles sometimes can be annoying. but after watching the half of the Xin Yukun's "Wrath of Silence" I found myself locked in it.

The "Wrath of Silence" is very well-executed thriller that gets more interesting as it goes. As an audience we all can feel for the main protagonist who is looking for his son. This unfortunate and hopeless quest is supported by powerful moments, bone-crunching action and dark humor. "Wrath of Silence" also have great storytelling, sound effects and beautifully crafted cinematography. Each shot worth thinking and analyzing twice.

The only flaws for me was the pace of the first half. I believe it was too slow and very long, and ending could be a little better, more artistic and more meaningful rather than just having kid drawing what happened. I wish we could see him drawing before a little by little and trying to tell what happened instead he was just creepy wearing the mask.

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