My Pet Dinosaur (2017) 1080p REMUX

My Pet Dinosaur (2017) 1080p REMUX
BDRemux 1080P
Сountry: Australia
Genre: Adventure
Language: English
Cast: Joanne Samuel, David Roberts, Jordan Dulieu, Annabel Wolfe, Beth Champion, Sam Winspear-Schillings, Tiriel Mora, Rowland Holmes, Tom Rooney, Harrison Saunders, Christopher Gabardi, Darius Williams, Scott Irwin, Stephen Davis, Jack Mars...

A troubled town is plunged into chaos when a boy accidentally makes a new friend.

When a young boy named Jake accidentally makes a new friend in an experiment gone wrong a troubled town is plunged into chaos. But with the creature rapidly evolving every day, Jake finds it increasingly difficult to keep his new pet secret. Jake's friends and new girl Abbie realize they are not the only ones interested in this strange, mischievous little dinosaur and soon discover that the only thing more mysterious than what it is, is who is looking for it.
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User Reviews
The first 20 to 30 seconds are quite good, dramatic music, good effects etc but then when the movie really begins, the whole thing comes apart. What really set the alarm bells ringing was the moment early in the movie where the boys sneak out after dark and go collect their grounded mate to go search for UFO's in the forest, its pretty late at night right, its pitch black outside, and the boys are on their bikes (ET anyone?) and who do they bump into on the street like its a Saturday afternoon? a chick from the same class as the leading actor, she goes "oh hi chuck.." (or whatever the hell the lead actors name is) and he says "oh hi Bronwyn..." like what on earth is a girl of 12 or whatever roaming the streets at that hour? She grabs her bike and goes with them... Later the kid goes to his brother... "I'm keeping him".... that's straight outta ET. You are supposed to fall in love with the dinosaur because he hops up on the robot vacuum and rides round the house on it.... Maybe if the dinosaur opened up the fridge and cracked open a beer I'd fall in love but nah, in the end I couldn't give a damn if they shot the CGI dinosaur dead. Watched the 2nd half of the movie in fast forward. Sorry film makers but you have to put some thought into your next movie. Getting some basic things right is the first step...

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