Fallen Angels 4K 1995 CHINESE Ultra HD 2160p

Fallen Angels 4K 1995 CHINESE Ultra HD 2160p
BDRemux 4K 2160P
–°ountry: Hong Kong
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Language: Cantonese, German
Cast: Leon Lai, Michelle Reis, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Charlie Yeung, Karen Mok, Fai-Hung Chan, Man-Lei Chan, Toru Saito, To-Hoi Kong, Lee-Na Kwan, Yuhao Wu.
Wong Chi-ming, a cold-blooded Hong-Kong-based assassin, has decided that he wants out. One last job stands in the way of a new life; however, Wong is unaware that his female partner-in-crime is utterly infatuated with him. Then, Wong has a late-night encounter with seductive Blondie in a fast-food restaurant, only to spark his obsessed partner's jealousy. Elsewhere in the city, mute Ho Chi-mo, who has recently escaped from prison, uses unorthodox ways to eke out an existence. During one of his nightly escapades, Ho crosses paths with Charlie, who enlists his help to find her ex-boyfriend's new lover. But, can there be redemption for the fallen angels?

User Review
I loved Chungking Express, so I did enjoy this movie. However, Fallen Angels suffers from what many sequels suffer from--too big a reliance on things that worked in the first film.

Chungking Express showcased Wong's trademark stylized camerawork. But Fallen Angels went over the top. I felt like I was watching a prolonged music video. The oblique camera angles, quick pans and other assorted camera tricks detracted from the stories. At times, the story didn't progress at all. Chungking Express had two distinct plots where you really cared about the characters and where they were headed.

It also seemed like Wong tried to reproduce the quirkiness of his previous characters in Chungking Express, but this time with tedious, over-the-top excess. Watching Takeshi overact got really tiresome, whereas in Chungking Express it was funny and charming.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie. Perhaps it was too much of a good thing (after Chungking Express)? Wong Kar-wei is still the master, though.

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