Beau Is Afraid 4K 2023 Ultra HD 2160p

Beau Is Afraid 4K 2023 Ultra HD 2160p
BDRemux 4K 2160P
Сountry: USA | UK | Canada | Finland
Genre: Comedy , Drama
Language: English
Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Patti LuPone, Amy Ryan, Nathan Lane, Kylie Rogers, Denis Ménochet, Parker Posey, Zoe Lister-Jones, Armen Nahapetian, Julia Antonelli, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Richard Kind, Hayley Squires, Julian Richings, Bill Hader, Alicia Rosario, James Cvetkovski, Catherine Bérubé.
With his mother's gloomy spectre looming over his entire life, grizzled outcast Beau has never made sense of his miserable existence. And perpetually baffled by reality and his conflicting urgent needs, the neurotic New Yorker gets a hearty slice of crippling anxiety and sheer paranoia when he sets foot in a strangely familiar war zone: his neighbourhood. But as the pill-popping hermit reluctantly embarks on a Sisyphean quest for answers, determined to reunite with his estranged mum at all costs, Beau must summon every last ounce of courage to confront everything that has kept him in the dark. To have a fighting chance of deciphering the sinister secrets that continue to rule his life, Beau must grapple with deep-seated phobias, deal with heavy guilt, and face the menacing parent. Because, in his case, love was a fiendish trap--the labyrinthine depths of maternal affection were only the means to an end. Now, the drugs don't work, and Beau is afraid. As the universe conspires against his conquest and the end draws near, will Beau be able to fight his inner demons for a change?

User Review
Beau is Afraid is going to be hit or miss for a lot of people. It's the type of movie that many will praise and criticize for the exact same reasons. Some will find Ari Aster's visceral, nonstop, in-your-face shock and awe absolutely brilliant. Some will find it grotesque, some hilarious, and some will probably just find it plain monotonous. Regardless of where you land personally, I think fans and haters alike will admit it's easy to understand all of those opinions (and more) on the fever-dream, bad-trip, crisis-coaster that is Beau is Afraid.

There are some ideas in this movie that absolutely hit home. The central character, Beau's, downright Fredian psyche is thought provoking and forceful, if not overstated. The movie looks wonderful throughout and showcases phenomenal cinematography. There is also a fantastic black comedy element that I wasn't expecting - both the wry smile kind and laugh out loud type. Beau is Afraid is packed with amusing subtleties that make me want to rewatch the movie just to see what details I missed. On the surface level, this movie considerably richer than Aster's previous two; it feels as though there is so much more to explore here.

What falls short for me isn't any one glaring detail, it's the sum of all the film's parts. It's a rambling, full speed ahead journey it that lasts an excruciatingly long three hours (two hours and fifty-nine minutes, to be exact). This ride doesn't feel like a edge of your seat thriller, it feels like a highlight reel of nightmares loosely strung together. Frustrating, inarticulate, and logic resistant. At points it feels like Aster is openly testing the audience's limits and patience, fully leaning into the fact that many won't hang on until the end.

Kafka-esque is spot on. Beau is Afraid is largely without a plot; the viewer is forced to most of the legwork if they want to reconcile any sort of direction. This could have worked in a smaller dose, but after the two hour mark you start to wonder why there is still so much movie left. Aster's audience engagement leans heavily on visuals and surprises, and somewhere along the three hour journey you start to wonder if that's quite enough.

You don't know what's coming in Beau is Afraid, but as the formula reveals itself you do know that entire movie is about to be turned on its head. Again. And again. And again. Watching the story bounce from one introspective non-sequitur to the next is a rather unrewarding experience. Even though a resounding lack of closure is surely supposed to be a deliberate point of the film, I had to question if I was enjoying it.

There's a very good movie in buried somewhere in Beau is Afraid, but it's layered under a heavy, heavy dose of self indulgence. It doesn't need to be so long, or so frenzied, or so indirect. Aster's core message simply isn't as profound as he makes it out to be. But it's a new side of Ari that we've never seen before and, for many, that alone will make it worthwhile experience. And the movie isn't without a good deal of genuinely redeeming qualities that fans of the genre (if you can narrow it down to just one) will surely enjoy. It's a thought provoking, visually stimulating trip that you should really just experience for yourself. Though perhaps on-demand with the fast forward button within reach, just in case.

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