The Wedding Year (2019) 1080p REMUX

The Wedding Year (2019) 1080p REMUX
BDRemux 1080P
Сountry: USA
Genre: Comedy
Language: English
Cast: Sarah Hyland, Jenna Dewan, Keith David, Anna Camp, Wanda Sykes, Noureen DeWulf, Tyler James Williams, Darlene Vogel, Matt Shively, Grace Helbig, Camille Hyde, Natasha Loring, Nadia Dawn, Martin Martinez, Laci Mosley.

A commitment-phobic 27 year old's relationship is put to the test when she and her new boyfriend go to 7 weddings in the same year.

A commitment-phobic 27 year old's relationship is put to the test when she and her new boyfriend go to 7 weddings in the same year.

User Reviews
I'm not a great fan of romantic comedies, so I sat in expecting nothing. It had some good moments, but overall it failed to be anything more than a cute love story.

The main focus of the movie is about the stage of a relationship, when it begins to become serious. What problems couples encounter when planning their life together? Is love enough to make it work? What if you don't like your partner's family? What if you don't aggree with when do you want to have children and where to raise them?

This is a point where the movie could have been unique, because romantic movies rarely focus on this stage of the relationship instead of the falling in love part. However, it fails to do so big time, because it doesn't care to answer these questions. The moral is simply "forget problems, love will solve everything", which is not a real solution to the main characters' problems, and it is also dealt with in one sentence.

The acting is... okay I guess. Sarah Hyland brings the exact same character as in Modern Family, the others are nothing special. The characters are clichéd (eccentric girl with commitment issues, guy coming from a small town with dreams, shy gay friend, conservative southern parents, etc.). I liked the film's structure with the seven weddings showing the progression of their relationships.

So, to summarize, a typical romantic comedy, which tries to be something more than that, but fails to be. If you like rom-coms, you'll have fun watching it with popcorn and soda, but don't expect anything more.

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