Serengeti Nature's Greatest Journey 4K REMUX 2015 UHD 2160p

Serengeti Nature's Greatest Journey 4K REMUX 2015 UHD 2160p
BDRemux 4K 2160P
Genre: Documentary
Language: English
Cast: Host

Serengeti: Nature's Greatest Journey contains a pair of DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless soundtracks, one of which offers narration and music and the other only music. And, really, those are the only two elements in question here. The narration is, unfortunately, not good. At reference level, it booms, blaring form the center with a grossly uneven prioritization that leaves it sounding crackly and harsh. Turn it down for better results, but then background music underneath becomes less audible and general overlay music less potent. During narration, music drops in volume so as to allow the already overcooked spoken word to take the top spot. In the music-only track, that's not an issue. It remains balanced at the same level for the duration. Basic music clarity impresses more than the narration. It's unfortunately a little over pumped, too, but not quite so badly. It's aggressive and generally well defined, with crisp, detailed instrumentals and a solid low end support. Choral chants are likewise nicely defined. There's no technical difference of note between music in the tracks, the only alteration being the constant volume level in the one without any narration.

File size: 24.50 GB

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