Verdi I due Foscari 4K 2016 ITALIAN

Verdi I due Foscari 4K 2016 ITALIAN
BDRemux 4K 2160P
Сountry: Italy
Genre: Melodrama
Language: Italian
Cast: Pl?cido Domingo, Francesco Meli, Anna Pirozzi, Chiara Isotton, Teatro alla Scala, Michele Mariotti.
From the Tutto Verdi Series-I due Foscari was Verdi's sixth opera and based on Lord Byron's play The Two Foscari. Rich in intrigue, the plot tells of the final days of the famous Venetian doge, Francesco Foscari, and his illegal overthrow in 1457.

User Reviews
'I Due Foscari' doesn't have the most involving of stories, it does start off slow and is a non-event at times. It does however have Verdi's(the godfather of operatic father/daughter duets) sublime music, whether it's solos, ensembles and chorus it's not one of his finest scores but a real pleasure to listen to.

This Parma production as part of the "Tutto Verdi" series, though actually dating from 2009, is superb. Not quite as good as the 1988 Renato Bruson production which was let down only by the wooden Jacopo, but superior to the 2001 Leo Nucci production whose many good points were just outstanding(especially Nucci) but the dull stage direction for the chorus in particular wasn't so good. Recommended also is the 1977 audio recording with Ricciarelli, Carreras and Cappuccilli.

Back to this performance, it's not to say that it's perfect either, the sets are rather stark in colour, with some too-dark lighting, and often too sparsely populated. There is a dark quality to I Due Foscari that the production did a noble job bringing across, but it was probably better to do it in the staging rather than with the production values, because some scenes did come across as overly gloomy.

However, the costumes are lush and beautifully tailored, and the stage direction is very compelling(traditional with nothing distasteful or ponderous) with the high point being Francesco's death scene. The direction of the chorus is significantly better than the 2001 performance, whereas they were static and too much in rigid concert pose here they are involved and interact much more with each other and in the drama, quite possibly of the three productions the best directed chorus.

Musically, this production is close to faultless, the orchestra play like angels, burnished in tone and clearly well-rehearsed with real care to blend with one another. The chorus are equally fine, loud moments are hair-raising and softer ones almost shimmering. Donato Renzetti's conducting is always alert but also has great control.

Of the four leads, Leo Nucci's magnificent performance stands out. His voice was slightly fresher in his earlier DVD performance but it's still authoritative and intelligently used with little blustering or pushing, and he's fully engrossed in his character, coming through loud and clear in his heart-breaking death scene. Roberto De Biasio is dramatically involved and naturalistic, leagues ahead of the Jacopo of the Bruson production. He has a lovely tone to his voice that is capable of projecting the heavier moments of the role with little problem, though his phrasing and style is not always elegant.

Tatiana Serjan is a little lacking in musicianship, but her voice is both beautiful and powerful(the high register is particularly good) and her acting is very heartfelt and persuasive. Roberto Tagliavini's Loredano is vocally sonorous and dramatically potent, a very solid portrayal indeed that doesn't fall into the shadows of the other three principal roles despite his role being not as big.

To conclude, a superb production, the second best of the three DVDs available and one of the high points of the "Tutto Verdi" series along with 'Rigoletto'(the best), 'Luisa Miller', 'Falstaff' and 'I Vespri Siciliani'.

Some productions in the series have been disappointing, such as 'Aida'(the worst), 'Ernani', 'Alzira', 'Il Trovatore', 'La Forza Del Destino' and 'I Masnadieri' were disappointing but the rest range from quite good to great. 9/10 for this performance of I Due Foscari. Bethany Cox

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