Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers 4K 1995 Ultra HD 2160p

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers 4K 1995 Ultra HD 2160p
BDRemux 4K 2160P
–°ountry: USA
Genre: Thriller
Language: English
Cast: Donald Pleasence, Paul Rudd, Marianne Hagan, Mitchell Ryan, Kim Darby, Bradford English, Keith Bogart, Mariah O'Brien, Leo Geter, J.C. Brandy, Devin Gardner, Susan Swift, George P. Wilbur, Janice Knickrehm, Alan Echeverria, Hildur Ruriks, Sheri Hicks, Tom Proctor.
Six years after Michael Myers' last massacre in Haddonfield, Jamie Lloyd has a child, but is then killed by Michael. Michael is allied with the Cult of Thorn, who both protect him and gave him the Curse of Thorn, the reason he killed all of his family. The Strode Family also moved into the Myers' house and are stalked by Michael. Sam Loomis and Tommy Doyle, a boy Laurie babysat during Michael's first rampage, are now out to stop Michael and the cult. Michael heads to kill Jamie's son and the rest of Laurie's family, but Dr. Loomis and Tommy plan to stop the curse, defeat the cult, stop Michael, and put an end to his murderous rampages, once and for all.

User Review
Many people have written this off as the worst sequel to date and I'd probably be the first person in that line... in fact, I was. I never saw this in theaters but when I got it on video I was highly disappointed because it didn't explain anything that happened in the previous films, or maybe it did and I just didn't understand what they were getting at with all of this "Rune" stuff...

It was then that I began my search for the rumored "Producers Cut" which featured what should've been shown in theaters... a GOOD MOVIE! The Producers Cut features a clean cut, workable plot that intrigues me to no end... they actually took what was a hopeless film and turned it into a believable Halloween film that was actually scary...

If you'll notice that in the Theatrical Release the entire Halloween theme has been cut from the movie... how did they do this, you ask? They cut all of the eerie back round music that was included in the Producers Cut. I have no clue why it was cut from the movie because we all know that a Halloween movie isn't the same without that eerie music that builds the suspense and makes us jump out of our seats when it gets scary.

After Kara jumps out the window and is captured by the cult members, the movie takes a completly, never before seen path that takes you into the deapths of the true mystery that is Michael Myers and takes you on a rollercoaster ride all the way to the exciting and somewhat clever ending instead of locking the main characters in a room and letting them beat the heck out of Michael with a lead pipe...

I won't give away too much but I'd recommend that you get your hands on this video because it's a true gem that any Halloween fan should have in their collection.

File size: 63.05 GB

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