Leatherface (2017) 1080p REMUX

Leatherface (2017) 1080p REMUX
BDRemux 1080P
Сountry: USA
Genre: Thriller
Language: English
Cast: Stephen Dorff, Lili Taylor, Sam Strike, Vanessa Grasse, Finn Jones, Sam Coleman, Jessica Madsen, James Bloor, Christopher Adamson, Dimo Alexiev, Nathan Cooper, Dejan Angelov, Boris Kabakchiev, Lorina Kamburova, Hristo Milev...

A teenage Leatherface escapes from a mental hospital with three other inmates, kidnapping a young nurse and taking her on a road trip from hell, while being pursued by a lawman out for revenge.

A violent teen and three others kidnap a young nurse while escaping from a Texas mental institution. Pursued by a vengeful sheriff, the disturbed young man embarks on a murderous rampage that shapes him into a legendary killer known as Leather face.
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User Reviews
HOLY SH*T, whoa. I just watched this movie and this was beyond spectacular! The darkest, most gut-wrenchingly icky version of the origin story EVER. I've gotta hand it to the make up/ special effects department on this one since it's absolutely and fantastically gory! Unbelievably R-rated to the maximum here (I mean it's already technically a foreign film!) There are many epic sequences of violence that are awesomely intense and graphic as hell (There's also a sex scene you'll NEVER be able to unsee). This film just drags the viewer through a metaphorical sludge of utterly disturbing character development and filth until the credits roll and it's perfect!

Makes you seriously consider taking a shower after viewing, but I usually need one anyways. It's hard core realism like this that we need more of from Hollywood. I loved this and wanna watch it again now. It's like the very best of anything Rob Zombie has ever created and feels extremely disturbing along the exact same lines 'The Devils Rejects' did. THIS IS TOTALLY WORTH WATCHING for this is the chainsaw movie that us horror fans have all been waiting for!

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