Jarhead Law of Return (2019) 1080p REMUX

Jarhead Law of Return (2019) 1080p REMUX
BDRemux 1080P
Сountry: Israel | USA
Genre: Thriller
Language: English
Cast: Yael Eitan, Nicholas Aaron, Adi Alamo, Reymonde Amsallem, Shanti Ashanti, Ben Cross, Tsahi Halevi, Liron Levo, Diana Lyubenova, Amaury Nolasco, Robert Patrick, Velizar Peev, Ori Pfeffer, Jeff Pierre, Udi Razzin.

Major Ronan Jackson (Devon Sawa), an accomplished fighter pilot for the Israel Defense Forces and son of a U.S. Senator (Robert Patrick), is shot down while flying through Syrian airspace.

Major Ronan Jackson (Devon Sawa), an accomplished fighter pilot for the Israel Defense Forces and son of a U.S. Senator (Robert Patrick), is shot down while flying through Syrian airspace. After miraculously surviving the crash, Jackson is taken captive by a group of Hezbollah militiamen. A gripping and powerful story packed with hard-hitting action, Jarhead: Law of Return follows a squad of elite soldiers, led by Gunnery Sergeant Dave Torres (Amaury Nolasco), as they risk their own lives in the hopes of saving an ally they've never met.

User Reviews
If you are a war movie fan this one will not disappoint. I have to laugh at all these reviews criticising the weapons or army stripes not being accurate - guys let me elucidate for you; your average viewer would not know a sergeant stripe from an a-wipe you have to laugh at these reviews.... really???? - ITS ONLY A MOVIE! Who watches a movie and looks out for things like that is bizarre! I watch a movie to be immersed int he plot and story not to see if sergeant Maloney has the correct trigger on his AK-47 or how tight his army troosers are cmon, to rate a movie on this is nonsense and IMDB should remove these reviews as they are just plain fatuous!

Well what do we get for our shillings - Oodles of action, some decent cgi blood splatters and explosions but some terrible dialogue which made me cringe at times. It actually has a pretty decent cast and the acting was good which makes up another Jarhead movie;and as good as Jarhead 2 in my opinion.

The music though is rather Jarring (pardon the pun) and too loud for the soundtrack and it is clear they were trying in the later stages to go for a Black Hawk Down style ethnic Israeli music backtrack to accompany the action which was better than the overbearing rap and rock & roll in the first half.

All in all its actually an above average terrorist war movie so if you are a war movie fanatic like me give it a try as it will not disappoint so gets a fair 6/10 from me.

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