The Visitor from the Future 4K 2022 FRENCH Ultra HD 2160p

The Visitor from the Future 4K 2022 FRENCH Ultra HD 2160p
BDRemux 4K 2160P
Сountry: France | Belgium
Genre: Comedy , Adventure
Language: French, German
Cast: Arnaud Ducret, Florent Dorin, Enya Baroux, Raphaël Descraques, Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun, Mathieu Poggi, Audrey Pirault, Vincent Tirel, Assa Sylla, Lénie Cherino, Alex Ramirès, Ludovik, Julie Farenc, Swann Daniel, Manon Baudre, Lyne Becker, Fabien Fuhrmann, Victoria Rolin.
2555. In a devastated future, the apocalypse threatens the Earth. The last hope lies with a man capable of time travel. His mission: to return to the past and change the course of events. But the Time Brigade, a time police force, hunts him down in every era. A race against time begins for the Visitor from the Future.

User Review
Of a le visiteur movie, not at all related to the pure comedy futuristic consept called la visiteur made 20 years ago, about middleage knights visiting the present, films thatmade me laugh out loud along with my kids...if the premise was to make something similar its a big miss...

its a ''stop the apocalypse '' movie, with a mix of ideas from mad max, war z, back to the future, even star trek and starwars ideas are even used along with all the others zombiotic features made in the past, , a super generic scifi movie that may not hit the usa market, most probably not on the domestic market of france except for the extreme environmentalists, antinucleists and the most greenhorned of the greenocks of the green movement, because the message is a microcosmos of climate change and ruining the earth metaphorical testament, not so cleverly scripted, though containing some witty funny acting, but most of all undermined with so many loopholes that i lost the count on them.

This is a ''we dont need another hero'' movie, a film that doesnt scream out for another watch, some nice filmtechnical puffs, but not enough to mesmerize a grumpy old man.

File size: 45.80 GB

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