Loki S01 (2021) 1080p DSNP WEBRip

Loki S01 (2021) 1080p DSNP WEBRip
WEBRip 1080p
Сountry: USA
Genre: Update , TV series
Language: English
Cast: Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, Sophia Di Martino, Richard E. Grant, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Wunmi Mosaku, Erika Coleman, Jon Levine, Aaron Beelner, Sasha Lane, Eugene Cordero, Tara Strong, Derek Russo, Munkhshur Bolbaatar, Josh Fadem, Raphael Luce, Philip Fornah, Dave MacDonald.
A new Marvel chapter with Loki at its center.

Loki Seson 1 series 1-6 in 1080p WEBRip
Glorious Purpose S1, Ep1
9 Jun. 2021
Loki, the God of Mischief, finds himself out of time and in an unusual place and forced - against his godly disposition - to cooperate with others.

The Variant S1, Ep2
16 Jun. 2021
Mobius puts Loki to work, but not everyone at TVA is thrilled about the God of Mischief's presence.

Lamentis S1, Ep3
23 Jun. 2021
Loki finds out The Variant's plan, but he has his own that will forever alter both their destinies.

The Nexus Event S1, Ep4
30 Jun. 2021
Frayed nerves and paranoia infiltrate the TVA as Mobius and Hunter B-15 search for Loki and Sylvie.

Journey Into Mystery S1, Ep5
7 Jul. 2021
Loki tries to escape The Void, a desolate purgatory where he meets variant versions of himself.

For All Time. Always. S1, Ep6
14 Jul. 2021
The clock is ticking in the season finale which finds Loki and Sylvie on a date with destiny.

User Review
Wandavision: Loads of charm with a great story...until episode 9 dropped the ball. The whole premise of the show was so unique with it swapping between different time periods, Wanda dealing with the loss of Vision, the surprisingly good suspense moments (The "Stop it" moment in episode 1 is a really good example), and the amazing performances. Everything was building up to a great and unique conclusion until we had the generic "Marvel ending" with less desirable CGI, if they went for a ending more unique for the show it would've made it all the better. But even with all of that it's still really watchable. 8.2/10

FATWS: Started off strong then completely lost me, I'm just kinda done with the full on action Marvel and it didn't help that Wandavision came before it. That's just my opinion but I know other people feel the same way so overall it's kinda skippable if I'm being honest, all you need to know is Sam becomes Captain America and I kinda saved you some time to check out some better shows. 6.8/10


Holy cow that was a great way to start of the series, I'm not going to spoil anything but this is some good television right here. The things I love are the set design, it has a 70's space age/retro vibe and a love it, the vfx are good as always, and the uniqueness this show has really helps it stand out. The things I really love is the acting, Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson are a great duo and really play off each other, also Loki gets a moment in episode one and it's glorious, and the dialogue is really well done. Loki, at least so far, doesn't have a-lot of action so having the dialogue and characters being good were a must and I'm relived they surpassed my expectations. Also the show is setting up a really cool story that I don't know where they're going to take it, usually we'd know based off the comics but I genially don't know where this is going and I'm excited for that! Overall I'm super excited to see where this show goes over the span of it's first season and if they maintain quality maybe a season 2 is in order!

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