Dunkirk (2017)

Dunkirk (2017)
BDRemux 1080P
Сountry: UK | Netherlands | France | USA
Genre: Drama
Language: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
Cast: Fionn Whitehead , Barry Keoghan , Mark Rylance , Damien Bonnard , Aneurin Barnard , Lee Armstrong , James Bloor , Tom Glynn-Carney , Tom Hardy , Jack Lowden , Luke Thompson , Michel Biel , Constantin Balsan , Billy Howle , Mikey Collins

The film bu-ray will tell the story of the miraculous rescue of over three hundred thousand soldiers during the Djunkerkskoj operation, which took place at the beginning of the second world war. Events begin with an Entourage of hundreds of thousands of British and allied forces of the enemy. Caught in a trap on the beach, and back to the sea, they come face to face with the intractable situation in the meantime as a vice of the enemy are compressed harder and harder.

"Survival is a dirty business"
"Dunkirk" is not a story about heroism and sacrificial acts during the war, it is a terrible story about the human essence. Here you will not hear a single pathetic speech, which is so annoying while watching a war movie, you will not see a single German with a gun, you will not be able to watch the large-scale battles. Christopher Nolan once again tells a nonlinear story, in which the main thing is not the special effects, but the experiences of people. We are not introduced to the characters, but immediately thrown into the abyss of events, which you watch with a sinking heart.
1080p HD REMUX Dunkirk (2017).
War is dirt, death, destruction, pain, fear and the animal instinct of survival. Units could commit heroic deeds, rush to the embrasure and save their friends at the cost of their own lives. In the rest, young men came to the war, who were just beginning to explore the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that the main character of the film was fear. Almost everyone is afraid here, especially the young British military, who are ready to cunning and substitute the allies for their own survival.

The film shows viewers that the Dunkir evacuation is in no way a victory for the British troops. On the contrary, those who were lucky to be rescued and come to their homeland could not look into their compatriots' eyes, because they realized all the cowardice of their behavior. They did not fight for their homeland - they just fled, saved their skins from certain death. And who would have acted differently? The situation is appalling: around the corpses of comrades, at any moment you can die from German aerial bombs, and British ships do not come to save 400 thousand soldiers. Here, even the strongest and most courageous person will be given up by nerves, and he will turn into an ordinary panic.

Not all people are courageous and courageous, and sometimes death is ridiculous, stupid and even offensive. Those who are ready at all costs to survive will be called heroes and their names are mentioned in the newspapers. The real feats will remain unnoticed amid the general chaos of the war. Man, no matter how strong and intelligent the creature he did not consider himself, in a terrible situation can easily turn into a coward, a panic-stricken animal and an instinct of survival.

The film was shot specifically for IMAX, which is felt in every frame. The picture is incredibly beautiful, juicy and detailed. Three different time lines are logically intertwined in the finale and become a single whole story. The music of Hans Zimmer, combined with the ticking of the wristwatch and the "Shepard tone", creates the effect of constant anxiety and tension. Surround sound, an unusual soundtrack, realistic shooting, wordless scenes and a detailed depiction of the horrors of war are the main pillars on which Dunkirk is held. Two hours fly by unnoticed, because the picture begins with intense events and ends with them. Of course, the action here is completely different than in the summer blockbusters. On the screen, you will not see battles and special effects, but from what is happening, your breathing and heartbeat will sometimes stop.

Among the actors most of all I was impressed by Tom Hardy and Killian Murphy. Hardy played with his eyes, because most of the film his face was hidden behind a mask. Killian Murphy played a frightened, lost man's mind, to which the end of the film is ambiguous: he seems to sympathize, but also despise at the same time. Still remembered Anairin Barnard in the role of Gibson: the hero throughout the movie all the time silent, but he completely believes and empathizes.

Christopher Nolan once again proved that he is the genius of his time. You do not need to show major combat battles to bring to the viewer all the horror and loathing of the Second World War. And you can not disclose the main characters, do not prescribe difficult speech to them in long dialogues, but at the same time the viewer will worry for them throughout the film. "Dunkirk" is a beautiful, complex and momentary heavy picture, which is completely different from the standard, stamped films about military exploits.

9 out of 10

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